Printed External Banners

  • We can reinforce weld the banners hems.
  • We use an external grade of banner PVC that stops it from tearing.
  • We only use UV lightfast external inks for outdoor banners.
  • If it is an area of particular high wind we will propose using a mesh banner.
  • We provide guidance and advice to ensure your banner will survive outside!


Printed external banners with UV cured inks perfect for use outdoors. Make sure your banner survives the winter!

All too often we are contacted by potential clients who have bought a “standard banner” online because it was cheap and after a night in the wild, it is in tatters. Here at Banner Printing Company, we recognise that your banner has to serve a certain purpose and if that purpose is to survive in external conditions then we aim to ensure that happens!

So what is the difference between your “standard cheap online banner” and one which will actually survive outside from Banner Printing Company?


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